MEANIE – The Conception

The blog post is an announcement to begin a project called MEANIE – which stands for MongoDB, Express, Angular, NodeJS Integrated ECommecre.  The Concept is to create an Open-source platform for E-Commerce Based on these technologies.


Although my primary career revolves around Salesforce development and consulting, I always have an interest in Web Development in all aspects around me.  For the past year, I have been fascinated with NodeJS and the frameworks around it since I have developed and deployed a few solutions that integrate to Salesforce that is hosted on Heroku.  I have experience around e-commerce, as many profitable side projects over the years allowed me exposure to various e-commerce platforms. I figured this type of project would not only allow me to fully learn and explore NodeJS but would help me to bring some E-Commerce project I have on the side up-to-date.

Aren’t Their Other Frameworks / Platforms?

Sure, I have tried to find them.  So you have Reaction Commerce. It is based on ReactJS.  I don’t want to learn ReactJS. Nothing against that framework, I just don’t want to learn it. Then there is For me, the problem with is that your data lives somewhere else. What if that service is down? It seems like a great scaffolding, but I just like to have full control over my whole system – data, middleware, and front-end.  It is an intriguing system, so I’m thinking I will create a pluggable interface to MEANIE to support this. I thought was the answer, but sadly it seems that project has gotten nowhere.  I forked the repository but found quite a few problems with deprecated npm packages and the fact that they did not fully follow the Twelve Factor App Principles, which made it really hard to fix.

Bottom line, there seems to be a lot of projects around, but they are either hobbies, paid, or only support a specific stack with ‘new’ or unknown components. Hopefully, my project doesn’t fall by the wayside, and I am hoping by keeping it open for collaboration, it won’t.

Well enough laying out the vision – time to get started!



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